Growing with UEA

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 in UEA Blog

It seems standard during an interview to be told that hard work will be rewarded. In fact, I heard this when I first became a part of the United Equipment Accessories (UEA) team three years ago.

Fast-forward to today and that statement carries its weight. I am proof that if you have a desire to work hard and learn new things you can and will grow at UEA.

I began working in the UEA harness department and cross-trained in multiple areas. I later applied for and received a production lead position. Last winter I was asked to join our UEA engineering department and decided that would be a good fit for me.

While every employee’s story at UEA is unique, we all share a common trait, which is embracing the UEA way. Many UEA employees start out in production and by committing to UEA core values, have grown and moved to new roles and opportunities within the company.

Promoting people from within has many benefits, including less training time, more new ideas from cross-training, more cross-training opportunities and we’ve noticed more processes to find efficiencies.

My experience working in the harness department has helped me tremendously in my role as an engineering design technician. For example, a customer recently called in with a technical question regarding installation of a new slip ring. Using my knowledge and experience from my previous position, I was able to assist by gathering parts and taking specific pictures of how they needed to be assembled. Small things like that can add up to help avoid confusion on both ends and save time.

By hiring and rewarding those who have embraced our core values we have developed a team that is fantastic to work with. I have yet to see or hear of anyone that is not willing to help when a customer is in need. From seeing production working overtime to get orders shipped, to the office staff putting in extra hours to make sure our customers’ needs are met, everyone embraces the UEA way.

We are doing great things at UEA and would like you to be a part of them as well. Give us a call today!

Ben Amfahr

Design Technician