Growing Our Hydraulic Swivel Line

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 in UEA Blog

Six years ago United Equipment Accessories (UEA) began a new adventure by adding a new product line – hydraulic swivels. Prior to adding this new product, our primary focus was the manufacturing and assembling of electric slip rings. Growth is a wonderful thing; but adding this new hydraulic swivel product line, which could also include an electric slip ring, came with some foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges.  

As an established company, we knew there were many concerns that needed to be addressed to get this new product off the ground. UEA initially thought about purchasing an established manufacturer of hydraulic swivels. However, after much discussion it was decided it would be best for UEA to manufacture from scratch.

A few hurdles we faced included:  

1.) Clients who were already purchasing their products from another supplier.

2.) Convincing companies to buy our product without having any history in this field of expertise.

3.) Being cost competitive.

We also realized many clients wanted cost savings, not necessarily a better product.

UEA Hydraulic SwivelsIn order to manufacture, assemble and guarantee a quality product United Equipment Accessories invested much time and money to get this product to where it is today. We added a 20,000 sq. ft. space to our north building that is strictly dedicated to the hydraulic swivel product line. Specific machinery was purchased to manufacture our two major components and a clean room for assembling the hydraulic swivels was installed. UEA designed and built two pieces of equipment: a vertical press for part assembly and a product test stand for pressure and torque test.

In addition, UEA built an endurance test stand, which is used to test the life of a hydraulic swivel as well as test new components. This test stand validates the product to our customers, assuring it will hold up in any application.

Trials have been faced and persevered. As we continue to improve and enhance our hydraulic swivel product line, we’re looking forward to a bright future, providing our clients with a reliable product that's delivered on time and at an affordable price.        

Thomas Van Veldhuizen