Going the Extra Mile

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2018 in UEA Blog

On occasion, while working with first-time customers or those with a unique need, a phone call and photos just don’t cut it for us to grasp the need for their application.

In these instances, we offer our customers the opportunity of having a United Equipment Accessories engineer travel for an on-site visit to provide assistance. This may be in the form of installation needs or troubleshooting, or a visit prior to the design stage to fully understand and visualize in-person the application and how the product will be used.

The opportunity of having an engineer travel and give hands-on assistance is a huge benefit and value to both the customer and UEA.

Many times while on visits, UEA engineers have been able to help resolve issues and even make suggestions to better the entire system by seeing it in person. UEA engineers have been able to suggest changes to the slip ring to remove unneeded cost after seeing the application.

Customer service has always been a key component in the UEA way of business and having our engineers available for on-site visits is one way we can provide the best service and products.

Jesse Shearer

Slip Ring Engineering Supervisor