Fast-track Your Cable Reel Quote

Posted on Monday, July 24, 2017 in UEA Blog

UEA understands that our customers are busy, so we make every attempt to streamline the quoting process to save you time. We need several pieces of information to ensure you receive a quality product that fits your needs, but here are some tips to fast-track the quoting process.

One important piece of information on the quote form is ‘What is the specific application for the cable reel’.  This is one of the first questions engineering will ask when they are configuring what cable reel will be adequate for the quote.  Any details that can be provided besides knowing if it is Stretch, Lift, Drag or Retrieve is very helpful in determining the spring size.

The slip ring portion of the cable reel is custom built here at UEA to match your requirements. Information on amperage, voltage or type of signal running through the cable is very important.

We need to know if the reel will be exposed to any outdoor conditions so that we can add extra sealing to the quote details.  It is a detail engineering will need to know when the time comes to draw up the Bill of Materials.

One overlooked question on the quote form is ‘Number of Extension and Retractable Cycles Per Day’.  The answer to this question determines whether we use a standard cable or upgrade to a high cycle longer life cable.  SOW is our standard cable & most economical.  We highly recommend upgrading to SDN cable for higher cycling applications.  SDN cable is a light weight, small diameter cable providing excellent electrical performance, plus the flexibility and ruggedness of a neoprene jacket.

In order to determine which reel series will be used, we need to know the length of the cable needed and also the OD of the cable.  If the customer is supplying their own cable, it is very important that we are supplied with an accurate OD.  The OD of the cable will determine how many wraps of cable will fit onto the hub of the reel before we run out of spring.  Another thing to keep in mind, if supplying your own cable, is to make sure it is stranded core & not a solid wire.  The life of the cable will be reduced drastically if it is not a flexible reeling cable.

We would never complain that a customer supplied too many details on their application. This is the best way to speed up your cable reel quote! For more information about UEA cable reels, check out our website.

Steve Dilger

Customer Service Manager