Expansion complete for slip ring, cable reel and shift control growth

Posted on Monday, October 11, 2010 in UEA Blog

UEA has used this recession to capitalize on the opportunities.  Rather than hunker down and wait it out as some manufacturers would do, we are being proactive.  I have previously talked about facilities additions and improvements.  They are completed.  We have embarked on an impetus for new product development in our slip rings, cable reels, transmission controls, and cable chain.  To do this we are adding staff and repositioning resources to offer our customers even more options.

Our affiliation with PowerbyProxi has the market excited about the prospect of new wireless technology slip rings (contactless slip rings).  We are continuously experimenting to extend the life of current slip ring technology with new and improved brush materials.  We will be making even larger slip ring assemblies and as well as slip rings designed for higher rotational speeds.  In our cable reels, we believe that smaller is better and we will be entering markets where the compact size of the cable reel body was previously not achievable.  Finally, we are excited about new markets for our transmission shift controls.  We have discovered markets where other manufacturers are not meeting customer expectations.  We have the transmission control designs to exceed those expectations.

Exceeding customer's expectations and succeeding where others fail are two mantras that UEA has built its reputation on in the past.  The future will be no different.  UEA slip rings, cable reels, transmission controls, and cable chain will be of exception quality, value, and reliability.  You can depend on UEA.

Mark Hanawalt


UEA Facilities

New expansion on the right, part of the original building on the left not visible in photo!