Ensuring Product Quality Through Incoming Inspections

Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 in UEA Blog

This spring, United Equipment Accessories started completing an incoming inspection on all of our supplied parts. This inspection has helped reduce supplier quality issues on the production line. Reducing supplier quality issues allows the team members to focus directly on how they are building the product, and not worry if the parts they are using are to spec and if they are going to work.

Below shows a graph of the number of supplier non-conformances we are seeing on the line compared to incoming inspection. Some non-conformances are not able to be found until the parts are machined in house – an example would be porosity in a casting.

Non-conform pic

An Incoming inspection process may include one of the following:

  • Visual Check
  • Dimensional (with up-to-date calibrated tools)
  • Documentation Review
  • Checking the Certificate of Compliance

 No matter how controlled a UEA supplier is, all of our supplier's parts go through our incoming inspection. Finding non-conforming issues when the parts arrive allows us time to get new material in before it's needed for production. For more information on quality at UEA, check out our blog on PPM reduction here.

Justin Wissler
Quality Technician