Customized For Every Customer

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 in UEA Blog

One of the many great advantages of buying UEA slip rings are the customizable options available for almost any aspect of the slip ring. This allows us to build completely unique assemblies based on our customer's exact needs. This holds true for a recent 76-circuit slip ring we designed for a customer for use in their crane application.

Custom Slip Ring

The many circuits required for this assembly include power circuits, low-level signal circuits, and special Can-Bus and serial communications circuits. These circuits include the use of silver graphite and radiused brush assemblies, as well as silver plated rings for better communication reliability and lower levels of resistance. The harnesses that run from the core or center of the assembly and from the brush or outer part of the assembly are a combination of custom harnesses made by UEA and the use of customer required cable, to get our customer the length, color-code, and wire breakouts they require. Although not used on this assembly, plugs could be added to any of the harnesses in this assembly if needed.

The top of the assembly has a custom support plate for the addition of an encoder, to be installed at the customer's facility, per their request. We can support almost any type of encoder and can install them at our facility if necessary. The mounting tube, the drive shaft retaining the center portion of the slip ring, is also custom-designed. We can provide a center tube with a plate to match your bore size, hole size, and bolt circle. The outer portion of this slip ring is retained with (4) 1/2″ threaded studs, which could also be adjusted for your specific application needs. As this slip ring will be working in a dirty and dusty environment, the customer has opted to have seals added to the cover to keep out dirt and debris.

The options you have when ordering a UEA slip ring are almost endless. I, myself, design many similar slip rings on a regular basis, but they are never the same, as everything we build here is built to the specifications and requests of our customers. If you find yourself wondering “What else can UEA do?”, give us a call and our customer service team would love to fill you in on the details and go over your options.

Ryan Tradel
Design Tech. – Engineering