Customer Service Expanding at UEA

Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2017 in UEA Blog

Customer Service Samantha PreuserAt UEA we take great pride in our customer service department. While we have a specific department for customer service we also recognize every employee is part of our customer service team. With increased business and the addition of our hydraulic swivel line, the need to expand this department has been identified.

Currently, the customer service department consists of two veteran employees. Steve Dilger and Jamie Backer have many years of experience – both spending several years in our manufacturing plant doing assembly work prior to moving into customer service.

The experience of actually building our products has proven to be extremely valuable as we work with customers on new applications and also replacement parts. Being able to talk with people who have had hands-on experience is something that has proven to be very helpful.

Our newest addition is Samantha Preuser. Samantha has been with UEA a total of 4 years and has experience in final assembly of slip rings along with brush assembly and soldering of rings. Most recently, she has split her duties between production clerk and helping customer service with entering orders. She also gained valuable experience this past summer while covering vacations for both Steve and Jamie.

Please help us welcome Samantha to our customer service team. We are proud of the customer service department, and with the addition of Samantha, we have a total of 57 years between us at UEA. Samantha will be joining Steve and Jamie on a full-time basis shortly after the first of the year.

Customer service at UEA is and always will be one of our greatest assets! Do not hesitate to reach out to any of our customer service personnel at 1-800-394-9986.

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager