Commitment to Excellence

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 in UEA Blog

Recently United Equipment was invited to a Supplier Summit for one of our customers. The theme was “Commitment to Excellence”, so you know this customer demands this from their suppliers. Many times over the course of the summit we would hear the words “customer first”. Other values shared were enjoyment of work, family, integrity, quality, and teamwork.

Safe and reliable equipment is very important to this customer as they supply equipment to the electric utility and telecommunication industries along with tree care, lights, and signs. They also practice the same safety standards in their facility with one plant logging six million hours worked with no lost time due to injuries.

Warranty issues are always a concern for each of us and this customer is no different. Being able to lower warranty claims by 23% last year was very impressive. They handle approximately 1,200 customer interactions each day. With numbers like that you know they expect and demand excellent service from their suppliers.

With all of us trying to remain competitive in each of our markets it was very satisfying to hear them say we will always pay a fair price for quality and delivery.

Overall this was a very well run and informative supplier summit with many ideas being shared from the customer to all attendees. It was interesting to hear how our customers have the same basic goals as we do at UEA – to achieve absolute customer satisfaction whatever it takes!

Steve Dilger
Customer Service Manager