Clean Seals Save Swivels

Posted on Saturday, April 19, 2014 in UEA Blog

As UEA continues to expand our production of hydraulic swivels, our protocol for a clean and orderly assembly environment is very critical.  UEA desired a cleanroom for swivel assembly based on the premise that internal components, such as high pressure seals, will experience a maximum life cycle if they are completely free of dirt and debris at time of assembly.  A pharmaceutical grade cleanroom was selected for our purposes.   Even before the very first production swivel was conceived, the cleanroom was designed and constructed in preparation for birthing hydraulic swivels.  Certainly the UEA cleanroom will never rival the class 1 environments found in today's semiconductor and microelectronics fabs, however, the UEA cleanroom does provide a state-of-the-art assembly area for hydraulic swivels.

Adapting to cleanroom procedures and protocol is crucial for optimal performance.  In most clean rooms, it is the human element that is most difficult to control.  UEA's cleanroom is not exempt from this concept.  In reality, it is a new discipline for many of the folks assembling and working around the hydraulic parts.  A few of the steps we have Cleanroomtaken to control cleanliness levels in the cleanroom include: floor tacky mats at entrance, continuous laminar air flow through High Efficiency Particulate filters, vacuuming off each person's clothing prior to entry, and prohibiting cardboard or shipping material in the cleanroom.  The success of our cleanroom standard is only as effective as the person who least adheres to the established procedures.  To this end, UEA leadership has stepped up its campaign to ensure all personnel entering the cleanroom are educated and follow the cleanliness standard prescribed.  It is an exciting time for the UEA hydraulic department.  Maintaining a healthy cleanroom environment for nurturing and growing our hydraulic family is, and will continue to be, an area of focus for UEA.

Wendell Greenlees

Production Supervisor

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