Benefits of a Designed to Spec Swivel

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 in UEA Blog

The advantages of a designed to specification swivel and/or combination unit are numerous. In short, you get exactly what you’re expecting. The other main advantages are: 1.) it’s designed to a 4:1 safety factor, 2.) you get the required number and size of ports needed, 3.) your desired flow rate, 4.) the pressure rating required, 5.) the mounting configuration and torque arm needed, 6.) it’s painted to your specification, 7.) a combination unit built to your specifications.

Each swivel is designed to a 4:1 safety factor providing the client confidence that the swivel will function according to specification. The wall thickness around each circuit is calculated to determine the accepted industry minimum standard. The number and size of the ports needed are provided by the end user. The location of each port on the housing and spool are positioned to the client's needs. The deep drills, cross drills and flow grooves for each circuit are sized and matched up with the same SAE port size to ensure optimal flow rate and obtain the desired pressure rating.

The swivel is designed to meet the client's envelope in diameter and length for mounting the swivel. The optimal mounting configuration and torque restraint configuration are provided regardless of a new design or a replacement part. The swivel may also be designed to accept an existing torque arm or new design.

To further provide the customer with more confidence, each swivel is tested in our production test stand. Each swivel is filled with media, rotated and the torque is recorded. Then each circuit is pressurized to 1.5 times its operating pressure and the pressure decay is monitored and also recorded for each serialized swivel. This data is then stored on file and kept for future reference.

Each swivel is provided according to the client's paint specifications. Some are specialized, while others are a standard recommendation provided by the supplier.

A customized slip ring can also be provided with the swivel. The swivel and slip ring are assembled prior to shipping so it’s ready to be mounted into the equipment when received by the end user. If encoder is required, it can also be provided.

As an additional service, we are able to perform a live test on our Endurance Test Stand. The testing criteria are determined between both parties and are run over a particular duration of time to provide comfort to the client that the swivel will last the projected lifetime of the swivel.

Thomas Van Veldhuizen

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