Ball Park Pricing VS Detailed Quoting

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 in UEA Blog

Occasionally customers are looking for a quick slip ring quote and do not have the time for a detailed quote.  They need to know is this going to cost $200 or $2,000?  While it is always good to have as much information as possible about the application, we also realize time can be of  the essence and will work with you when the quick quote is needed.

Here are a few things we consider a must know to supply any slip ring quote.

This does not have to be exact.  We only need the range.  For instance, is it less than 10 RPMs or closer to 100 RPMs?  Some slip rings are not designed for high speed such as 500-1000 RPMs .  Knowing this up front will save time.

Bore Size
Our slip ring quoting is based on bore sizes.  Again, if you do not know the exact bore size just give us an estimate. For example anything from 2.5” bore to 4.0” uses the same basic parts. Pricing will be the same in this range.

Conductor Count and Ratings
Specify exactly how many conductors are needed in the slip ring along with amperage and voltage ratings for power circuits. For data circuits indicate the type of data you are running. This will allow us to quote the correct brush and ring material to match you needs.

If an enclosure is required, please let us know if the cover can be placed over the entire slip ring (end of shaft mounted) or if you need a through bore requiring a wrap around style cover.

If you are running the wires to and from the slip ring, no harnesses will be quoted.  If you need harnesses, give us an estimate of lead length for each end.

Mounting Tube
If you have an existing shaft or tube the slip ring will mount on, no mounting tube will be quoted.  If you need some type of tube or require us to match a hole pattern on your machine, simply state a flanged mounting tube is needed.

Size Limitations
If you have size restrictions for height or outer diameter, let us know.  Occasionally, we cannot meet a very small size limit.  We will let you know up front and save you valuable time.

We have the experience to offer detailed technical assistance and quoting. If on the other hand you only need that quick ball park price we are happy to get you that.  Answering the questions above will allow us to tell you if the slip ring is in the $200 or $2000 range.  Details can always be worked out at the next level.  We can deliver the quick quote or the detailed quote and have the experience and knowledge to do both.

Steve Dilger

Customer Service Manager