Are we there yet?

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 in UEA Blog

If you've ever traveled with young people, you know that phrase well.  Coming up with creative responses to it is one way of dealing with this highly repeated inquiry.  With three grown children and four grandchildren, ask me how I know.

As I look back upon my last posts, I realize it almost seems like that thought is circulating around here. This has been a long trip.  But as with any journey, as you near the destination, although weary from the travel, you find yourself in anticipation of the great things you will do and see there in the very near future.  We, at United Equipment Accessories, are definitely in high anticipation of the great things we are going to see and do in this new space.

As you can see, shydr clean roomome of the “moving in” has taken place.  The hydraulic swivel clean room is in place and in full operation. This was all done in a matter of a days to minimize the disruption of delivery to our customers.

The material iEmco turning centern the foreground is for current production being done on the NT-6600 which is just out of frame to the right. It will be re-located in the near future. The Emco turning center is also completely relocated and in production. This was done with only a couple of days out of production.

Mori-Seki NT 5400

And this space is for the new Mori-Seki NT 5400 that is en route to its new home as I write this. The space beyond the columns is the new home of the Mori-Seki NT-6600 we are currently using to produce our hydraulic swivel components.

In the months to come at UEA there will be a series of domino-effect movement that will take place as each piece of equipment that has been determined in need of a more effective location is relocated.  Each of these steps opens a place for the other item that will shuffle into its place.  Each location was carefully thought out to give us the ability to function more efficiently and effectively.

So even though we have come a long way and we seem to be near our destination, it becomes fully evident that this is not your typical travel with a defined endpoint.  This is a grand tour, with the next point of exploration still on the horizon. There is no final destination, only the constant journey toward improvement. So NO, we are not there YET.

Kent Davis
Senior Engineer