Are We There Yet? Version 2.0

Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2016 in UEA Blog

My last entry on this topic had us awaiting the arrival of the new NT5400 series Mori-Seki to our newly expanded hydraulic swivel machine shop area.

The truck arrived on a cold snowy day, 120 feet long, sporting 12 axles and a pilot car.  Local police assisted in traffic control on State Highway 3 as the driver and riggers dismantled the truck as necessary while sitting in the middle turn lane. This was required to make it possible to turn onto the two lane street that leads to our North Plant.

Truck in Street

At the more manageable length of 90 feet the rest of the unloading could be done inside the building.

Truck in Plant

And once unloaded and uncrated, the NT5400 was skated into its position on the line.

Moving 5400

In just a few weeks the setup alignment, accuracy checks and operator training were completed and the NT5400 was fully tooled, online and in production.

With this accomplished, the push was on to get the NT6600 moved into its new home.

Moving 6600

After a few days of teardown and prep, the riggers started plating the floor.  The sheer mass of this machine on the steel rollers of the skates would not be supported by the bare concrete.It took most of the day to make the nearly 200 feet journey across the floor, with a full 180 degree swing by the end.

6600 In Place

The next 6 weeks were spent setting a rough level, settling, releveling, adjusting alignment, releveling and so on until it was back into complete original factory accuracy specification.

Machines in place

Now with both NT series Mori-Seiki machines in place and in production, the new addition looks a lot more like the destination we had in mind.  We now have ample capacity to meet the hydraulic swivel demands of our customers for the time being.

But, this is just a waypoint, we still aren’t there yet. To learn about the custom hydraulic swivel process visit our blog.

Kent Davis
Senior Engineer

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