Architecture in the Arctic

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 in UEA Blog

Architecture in the Arctic Photo

All the research, planning and decision making have been put into play and the structure of our new building expansion is taking shape. As with any construction project, delays have occurred and we are now in the midst of Iowa winter. Over the last week the temperatures have been as low as -20 F and wind chills more than -40 F. It's not the best environment for outdoor construction. With the temperature near 0 F today, there are actually a few members of the crew prepping the structure for the beginning of the outside shell placement and the work will continue as the weather warms over the next week. This is by far the largest single expansion in the history of United Equipment Accessories.

The work is progressing outside, the focus inside is on equipping this new area for production. Quotes are being reviewed for the required machinery, and personnel requirements are being evaluated as well. We are all anxiously looking forward to this much needed space so that United Equipment Accessories can continue to provide unrivaled support to its ever expanding worldwide customer base.

Kent Davis
Senior Engineer