Above & Beyond Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 in UEA Blog

I recently returned from a trip to China where I assisted in installing a few prototype slip rings in wind turbines. This was not my first turbine climb, but it was my first climb in China, and was an educational experience. Normally we do not install new slip rings, but in this particular case the customer thought it a must and UEA was happy to assist.

The trip included stops at two sites to help install the prototype slip rings. The slip rings at both sites were hub-mounted, which was a new experience for me. Hub-mounted slip rings have different challenges than what we see in the nacelle-mounted rings. With the nacelle-mounted rings you are not forced to climb into the hub or “nose cone” of the turbine. The climb into the hub is certainly something I appreciate not having to do on a daily basis.

As it turned out, being there in person was very beneficial. I was able to address concerns and questions that came up during the installation that would have been very difficult to communicate over the phone. Being able to meet our customers face-to-face was priceless and will help our future relationship.

As UEA continues to grow and expand to other international regions our customer service must also expand and adapt. Different cultures have different expectations of suppliers and what services should be provided. UEA prides itself in meeting these needs.

Jesse Shearer
Sr. Application Design Engineer