A Tribute to a Dear Friend, Employee, and Mentor: Brent Jensen

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 in UEA Blog

Brent JensenOn May 8th UEA lost its second longest time employee of 45 years, Brent Jensen.  Brent was a great employee, a great engineer, a seeker of knowledge with an unbelievable memory, but most of all he was a close personal friend to me and all of the employees of UEA.  Before the diagnosis 6 years ago, he was a picture of health; never smoking, never drinking alcohol in any form, and exercised regularly, his passing was before its time.

He was the cultural rock of UEA who helped form our mission statement we call the UEA Way.  This mission statement was how he treated all people inside and outside of the organization.  He became the mentor to all of the talented engineering staff at UEA.  The number of glowing letters received over the years for his service to our customers would fill a file by themselves.  We knew this time would come.  Brent left an engineering staff that is highly talented and living his legacy of service to our customers.  Thank you to Brent - the future is bright for UEA product design.

Mark Hanawalt