0 Style

Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2015 in UEA Blog

If you’re looking for a slip ring to drop into your application, and environmental concerns such as dirt and moisture are not an issue, perhaps our ‘0’ or ‘open’ style slip ring design could be the perfect fit for your application. This series of slip rings include the same quality and reliability that you’re used to in any United Equipment supplied slip ring, only without the cover.

The ‘open’ design allows for extremely easy installation of the slip ring and almost limitless options on how you could wire it into your application. Or leave the wiring to us and we can attach any wire or cable combination you need for your circuits, making the assembly a truly plug-and-play design. Any visual inspection, cleaning, or maintenance the assembly needs can be done with minimal effort. This design is also popular with customers who have their own existing cover to install over the assembly or if the slip ring is going into a clean, protected area.

Even though this design may look a bit different than our covered slip rings, all of the slip ring options are available such as custom mounting holes, a variety of different mounting tube designs and terminal block assemblies. Contact our customer service department to discuss all the options we have for this style, or if you have specific questions about what would work best for your application. They will be happy to help with your project.

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