“Floor” Space

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 in UEA Blog

The new building addition has had several setbacks and delays, as expected with most construction projects. This past week was a great milestone as the new floor space actually has a floor. Well, almost. A large portion of the floor is poured, and after some final plumbing prep the remainder will be poured later next week. As this project nears completion for the building contractors, it will now create a sense of urgency within our ranks. Organizing the process of moving into this space is no small task. The strategy of minimal disruption, while moving equipment and personnel, takes a considerable amount of planning and coordination. Some of the new machinery is on order and some has already arrived and lies in waiting for installation. Though there is still a large amount of work to complete on the interior, it is exciting to be this close to having the extra space we've long needed.

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Kent Davis
Sr. Engineer