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UEA slip rings offer design versatility as component kit rings or as completed, ready-to-mount assemblies with optional pre-wired harnesses. A wide selection of circuitry is available with many combinations of amperage and voltage (AC or DC). The compact design is made possible by brushes stacked on alternating sides. UEA slip rings come in a variety of bore sizes, from .500” to 14.00”. Every order is custom designed for your specific motion application need. Our engineers work with you on the application to provide the highest performing quality slip ring available!


.500" - 1.00" Bore Slip Ring

Small Bore Slip RingUEA is proud to offer this powerful slip ring unit, with an ID of only .500" - 1.00" (12.7mm - 25.4mm). It was conceptualized for any general rotary need within a small area and a limited number of circuits, including applications in robotics and industrial cable reels.

UEA offers this smaller bore slip ring that possesses all the attributes of our larger bore products. This slip ring has an O.D. of 4.50" which makes it ideal for rotating lighted displays, robotic machinery, laminating equipment and more. Silver or standard circuits are available with many combinations of amperage and voltage (AC or DC). Optional covers, harnesses and other accessories are available.

1.50" Bore Slip Ring

1.5" bore slip ringThe design and features of the 1.50" (38.1mm) unit make it our most popular and versatile slip ring. Our design concept assures the amperage and voltage combination needed for power or control - or both simultaneously. Models within this section are examples of UEA's use of standard components to build custom slip rings.

United Equipment's most versatile slip ring. This 1.50" bore product is utilized in a wide variety of applications due to its reliability and rugged functionality. Offering the ability to combine data and power circuits (up to 100A) in one unit makes this bore size our most popular design. Many accessory items are available for this slip ring such as position sensors, pneumatic swivels, harnesses and covers, all based on your particular mounting style.

2.50" - 4.00" Bore Slip Ring

2.5-4" bore slip ringThe unique design of these UEA Slip Rings combines outstanding quality and performance with economy in manufacturing and installation. They are easily installed and serviced in the field. These powerful slip rings are available in four standard bore sizes, with custom bore sizes optional.

This UEA slip ring offers a larger center bore (2.50" - 4.00") for applications where amperage requirements could exceed 100A. Used in a wide variety of industrial settings that include pedestal cranes, indexing/rotary tables and other industrial applications, this slip ring provides superior long-term reliability operating at rpm ratings of 50 and under.

6.00" - 8.00" Bore Slip Ring

6-8" bore slip ringUEA large bore slip rings have all the features of and performance capabilities similar to the S15 model. They are specifically designed for applications requiring large center passageways.

UEA specifically designed this product for applications needing large center passageways. This 6.00" - 8.00" bore slip ring will be custom built for you with nearly any combination of amperage and voltage. Silver circuits for data transfer, in addition to power circuits in one unit, will allow water or air lines to easily pass through the center of the slip ring. Covers, harnesses and other accessory items are available for these larger slip rings.

10.00" - 14.00" Bore Slip Ring

10-14" bore slip ringUEA designed this 10" - 14" large bore for customers who need an extra large bore slip ring. Because we custom build UEA slip rings out of standard components, these UEA slip rings meet customers' demands for specific applications that require large center passageways.

UEA's largest center bore slip ring. This product is primarily used in large commercial and industrial applications. Wastewater treatment facilities, swing bridge rotation, rotary dairy applications and storage silo unloaders are just some of the markets served with this 10.00" - 14.00" bore slip ring. Fully customizable to your application, including accessory items.

For additional technical information, download our slip ring brochure.