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UEA slip rings offer design versatility as component kit rings or as completed, ready-to-mount assemblies with optional pre-wired harnesses. A wide selection of circuitry is available with many combinations of amperage and voltage (AC or DC). The compact design is made possible by brushes stacked on alternating sides. UEA slip rings come in a variety of bore sizes, from .500” to 14.00”. Every order is custom designed for your specific motion application need. Our engineers work with you on the application to provide the highest performing quality slip ring available!


Custom Slip Rings

Custom Slip Ring

Special applications often call for special slip rings. By combining standard, off-the-shelf components into custom slip rings, UEA designs meet the parameters and environmental conditions of the application. Here are some examples of special slip rings which were designed to be application specific:

  • High conductor count rings (>30) built to handle multiple functions
  • Bore Sizes - built in conjunction with high conductor counts, these rings have bore sizes to accommodate special wiring, water hoses and hydraulic or pneumatic connections
  • Unusual Environments - UEA has built special rings to be used in salt mines, frigid Alaskan climates and extreme desert heat
  • Position Sensing - although this capability is usually provided only on smaller bore rings, UEA has the capability to offer position sensing on most slip ring models
  • Electro-pneumatic swivel assembly with circuit combinations from high power to control. Includes potentiometer position sensor at base of slip ring.
  • Pre-wired power and control combination circuits assembly with integral 1/2” pneumatic line. Up to 1.00” air line available.
  • Piggyback 4.00” & 1.50” slip ring with power & control circuits located in 4.00” ring. Electronic control in enclosed 1.50” ring.
  • S150 for high temperature, used in laminating