Hydraulic Swivels

  • Hydraulic Swivel 1
  • Hydraulic Swivel 2
  • Hydraulic Swivel 3

Hydraulic swivels, also known as hydraulic rotary manifolds, are precision components designed to transfer fluid from a stationary source to a rotating piece of machinery.

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing slip rings, UEA can provide hydraulic swivel-slip ring combination units in a single self-contained, multimedia rotational assembly. Our swivels are custom-built to your exact specifications and application requirements.



  • SAE ORB ports (-4 through -32)
  • 4 bolt flange code 61 and 62 (all sizes)
  • Working pressures usually limited by port size
  • Larger ports have a lower pressure rating
  • High pressures up to 6,000 PSI necessitate a more robust design; UEA utilizes a 4:1 safety factor in design

SealsClean Room Seals

UEA uses hydraulic rotary seal technology that provides
a lubricated polymer blend of material. It is extremely
extrusion resistant, non-aggressive to the mating dynamic
metal surfaces, offers long term performance, lower cost
and has a proven successful track record in demanding
field applications for well over a decade.

  • Square ring AN11 70A NBR
  • Helps cap seal create a positive seal within its groove
  • One on each end of swivel prevents external oil leakage
  • U-Cup seals are wider on one end and are tapered back. The wide end is installed facing toward the inside of the swivel.
High Pressure Cap Seals
  • Good extrusion resistance (without degradation)
  • Non-aggressive to mating surfaces (won’t create wear path damage)
  • Side wall notches for increased shifting speed within seal groove
  • Wide temperature range (-40° F to 200° F)
  • High precision lathe cut seals of a lubricated polymer blend
  • OD and ID dynamic styles
Wear Ring
  • Acts as a bearing surface to prevent spool and housing from metal to metal contact
Excluder Seal
  • Acts as a dust and debris seal to shield ingress of outside contaminants
Thrust Washer
  • Acts as a bearing surface for thrust loads