Cable Reels

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United Equipment Accessories is a leader in the manufacturing of heavy-duty industrial cable reels. United Equipment Accessories' unmatched flexibility in slip rings is extended to quality cable reels.

UEA Cable Reels serve applications in many types of industries. They can be mounted several different ways, so efficiency is maximized in the workplace and in production. Our cable reels are available in a variety of standard sizes to meet most job demands. For special one-of-a kind applications, United Equipment Accessories also supplies custom cable reels.


Position sensing reels are designed to provide an accurate indication of how much cable has been extended off the reel. Similarly tilt sensors provide information about the reels current angle compared to a base point.

  • Up to 22 ft of cable extension capacityPosition Sensing Reel
  • All steel reel construction is designed for harsh environments
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Mounting configuration to customer specification
  • Up to 6 circuits available at up to 15 amps 
  • Encoder :
    • Measurement of cable reel rotations currently 512 counts per revolution.
    • Currently J1939 output. CanOpen output coming soon.
    • Requires a constant power supply.  Count resets if power is interrupted. 
  • Available options include inclinometer for angle / tilt sensing
  • All weather cable is Ozone and UV resistant
  • Reel has been tested to perform to 20,000+ complete cycles