Cable Reels

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United Equipment Accessories is a leader in the manufacturing of heavy-duty industrial cable reels. United Equipment Accessories' unmatched flexibility in slip rings is extended to quality cable reels.

UEA Cable Reels serve applications in many types of industries. They can be mounted several different ways, so efficiency is maximized in the workplace and in production. Our cable reels are available in a variety of standard sizes to meet most job demands. For special one-of-a kind applications, United Equipment Accessories also supplies custom cable reels.


Motorized Models

The 30 Series motorized reels are equipped to handle applications that require numerous extension and retraction cycles. It’s the reel that works all day, every day. With multiple circuit rating options and the capability to manage over 100’ of cable, motorized reels can be adapted to fit your needs.

Motorized Cable Reel

  • Reel options include, air, electric (12V, 24V, 120V), or hydraulic motors
  • Motor designed for heavy-duty usage
  • Rugged dual triangular support with shaft bearings
  • Multiple spool width options: Choose from 6”, 12”, 18”, 22” or 27”
  • Larger diameter cable capability up to .875” 0.D.
  • Low profile for critical space requirements
  • Lock pin to prevent free spooling
  • Available for pneumatic reels as well


  • All bolted construction
  • Metal drum standard, PVC drum optional
  • Motor mounting at either end of reel
  • Chain and sprocket shroud is optional

Motorized Cable Reel Data Sheet