6 Questions To Ask Before Getting a Hydraulic Swivel

As an engineer considering hydraulic swivel and rotary union options you may have some questions that need to be answered prior to making a decision. These might include:

  • Questions about standard or custom designed hydraulic swivels. Some manufacturers only built standard products. Others only provide custom solutions. It's important to know which will be needed for your project.
  • Questions related to hydraulic swivel assembly onto the OEM equipment. It's important to know what you'll have to do to install the swivel prior to it leaving the suppliers factory.
  • Questions regarding lead time for the hydraulic swivel. The supplier's internal capabilities can greatly impact the amount of time it takes to receive the product
  • Questions concerning quality assurance and testing. The quality assurance procedures and testing capabilities of suppliers can vary drastically.

two swivels

At UEA we've been building slip rings to perform with hydraulic swivels for over 60 years. During that time we've had to ask many of the questions faced by design engineers specifying hydraulic swivels. Building hydraulic swivels ourselves has further accelerated the growth of our knowledge base and understanding of questions that should be asked. Through that experience we've identified 6 critical questions one should consider prior to buying a hydraulic swivel. Fill out the form on this page to get the whitepaper, "6 Questions To Ask Before Getting a Hydraulic Swivel." 

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