Defense / Aviation

Defense / Aerospace Industry

Nothing has to be more dependable than the equipment serving our nation’s military or equipment used in aviation. Our products have been tested to the highest standards to ensure safety and durability. Our products are engineered to precision to withstand various climates, extreme pressure changes and the unexpected.

Common Applications:

  • Observation balloon
  • Maritime defense
  • Ammunition manufacturing
  • Airport ground support equipment
  • Cable Reels to power aircraft during servicing

In an effort to increase customer value in the military and defense markets, UEA has partnered with Rotary Tech Co. Ltd., a company based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

Rotary Tech Rotary Tech Data Ring Defense-Slip-Ring

Through this partnership, UEA can offer increased slip ring capability including slip rings with radio frequency joints.

For more information about UEA products, check out our aviation industry case study.