hazardous location slip rings

Since 1952, UEA has been designing and engineering slip rings that can withstand harsh conditions including rain, dust, dirt, and extreme temperature. UEA’s line of hazardous location slip rings are certified to UL and IEC explosion-proof and hazardous location standards and can be customized to your application’s requirements.
Hazardous duty slip ring


  • Certified to UL 1203 standards for Class II Division I Group F & G Hazardous Location
  • Certified to cULus and CSA standards
  • Certified to IEC 60079-31:2013 Hazardous Location standards


  • 1.5-inch (38.1 mm) bore
  • 9.65-inch (245.11 mm) overall diameter (fittings, potting, and piping available)
  • 480V, 68 amp circuits
  • Aluminum threaded cover with cast aluminum base
  • Wire exits potted with UL 1203 rated sealing compound
  • IP66 Sealing


  • Customer-specified circuits, mounting, enclosure and harnesses available (additional certification may be required)
  • Low power and signal circuits available

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