What New Milling Capabilities Does UEA Have?

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we have been working on implementing a new DMG Mori NVX7000 3-axis mill. This mill will be used primarily for our slip ring and rotary union lines.
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UEA new mill

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we have been working on implementing a new DMG Mori NVX7000 3-axis mill. This mill was purchased to replace one of the original CNC mills that UEA purchased many years ago. The mill will be used mainly for our slip ring product line to cut aluminum castings along with some Nylatron plastic parts. With the growth to our hydraulic swivel line, we will be utilizing the new mill for heavy milling on steel parts.

UEA new mill inside

During the implementation of the machine, we have worked closely with DMG Mori to bring this machine online in a timely matter. Because DMG Mori has a tech center in Iowa, we were able to have an application engineer on site to do training within a week of the machine install. During the training, the engineer from DMG Mori helped us recognize optional codes that we could purchase that would help our operators with transitioning programs from the old CNC mill. The training sessions with new machines are great opportunities for our machine operators to cross train on machines that they don’t normally run.

UEA tooling

With the new technology that this new mill provides, we will be able to cut parts faster with high accuracy. To achieve the high accuracy, we purchased an option with the machine called Magnescale. The Magnescale is a fully closed-loop control that is an absolute magnetic linear scale. They are placed parallel to the axis travel of the machines that fed directly to the numerical control to avoid precision errors of the ball screw. Along with the Magnescale, we also purchased a high-pressure coolant system that uses 1000 psi to aid in our precision and help extend the life of our tooling. To hold all the tooling, we got this machine with a sixty-tool capacity tool magazine.

When purchasing a machine like this, we work with tooling suppliers to build new machine tool packages. With this machine the focus was to go away from using HSS tooling to carbide tooling. The carbide tooling allows us to get longer tool life and make better quality parts. The inserted tooling also allows us to buy a carbide tip or carbide inserts instead of needing to purchase whole tool bodies.

In the future, we will be looking to add a fourth axis. The fourth axis is a DDRT rotary table that we could utilize for second operations on our slip ring base castings. Additionally, we are looking into quick change pallets that will allow us to do setups in the matter of minutes.

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