What Makes UEA Unique

What sets UEA apart from our competitors? With 70 years of experience, UEA is here to custom design your next rotary project.
Jesse Shearer
Engineering Manager
UEA engineers show off a new custom slip ring design.

One question our customers often ask us is what sets United Equipment Accessories (UEA) apart from our competitors. We can talk about life, maintenance, and customer service, but what it all boils down to is experience. We are celebrating our 70th year of business in 2022, accounting for a vast knowledge of application and design experience. Our three most advanced engineers have over 50 years combined designing slip rings, rotary unions, cable reels, and shift controls for various applications and environments.

This experience allows us to determine the best technology needed for a customer's specific application. We are not selling off-the-shelf products; we design and manufacture custom slip rings and rotary unions, specifically for customers' applications. During our 70 years of operations, we have supplied rotary solutions to a wide range of industries but have built a strong experience in wind and heavy equipment applications. We can guide our customers to build a better product for their application's unique requirements with this depth of knowledge. For example, there are applications where gold wire brush technology is required, but there are industries, like construction, that we would advise against using gold wire and recommend a solid metal brush technology. Understanding what brush technology and materials are suited for each application sets us apart from our competitors.

Another differentiator is our innovation program, allowing us to stay ahead of the industry's needs. We want to be a partner with our customers and mature with their changing needs and requirements. Being a product life cycle partner with our customers is what we do as a custom supplier. We have the capacity and engineering talent to tailor each product to our customer's needs, even if their requirements evolve.

The innovation team at UEA is currently working on new brush technologies as well as contactless technologies to allow us to serve specific industries, such as military, medical, or aerospace. We are also working on design improvements to existing products, including higher seal and RPM ratings.  We have made significant technological advancements with the addition of 3D printers for both R&D  and production.

However, our most significant differentiator is connecting with the UEA engineering team in the early stages of designing a new slip ring or rotary union and dealing with an engineer for the project's life. Our engineers help design the slip ring or rotary union integration and installation in the customer's machine. The UEA engineering team can also make suggestions to improve costs and quality by reviewing the application and any previous designs or suppliers used in the project.

These qualities allow us to serve our end users better because we create solutions specifically to solve your challenges. A member of our engineering team is only a phone call (or email, Teams call, or in-person visit) away from answering your question.

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