What is the Custom Hydraulic Swivel Project Flow?

Wondering what it's like to work with United Equipment Accessories (UEA) on a custom hydraulic swivel project?
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Image illustrating the flow of rotary union production

Wondering what it’s like to work with United Equipment Accessories (UEA) on a custom hydraulic swivel project?

We’ve outlined how we work with our clients and the importance we put on customer service to deliver the best products for every need.

The most important initial step is communication. Having open, two-way communication and working together is a must in order to move the project along smoothly.

To proceed with the design phase, the client needs to provide the necessary information to UEA by submitting a request for quote or providing an existing drawing. Whichever method preferred, it must contain: the number of ports and their locations, pressures of each port, mounting and torque arm requirements, rotational speed, working conditions, and paint specification. After receiving this information, UEA designs a model and creates a drawing of the product. The client is asked to assemble the design into their equipment and review the drawing for approval. The client may or may not request changes. When the design is agreed upon the client is asked to sign and date an approval drawing.

Once the drawing is approved, the quote book is opened, which contains three sheets: Materials, Manufacturing, and Summary. Information is sent out to our suppliers to get prices on the raw materials, steel parts, hardware, packaging, and paint. These prices are filled out in the Material sheet. The times to machine the housing, spool, assemble, test, paint and packaging are filled out on the Manufacturing sheet. Final cost of the product is provided on the Summary sheet and is mainly determined by the estimated annual usage. The quote and approval drawing are sent to the client. When the client returns a purchase order, which provides the number of parts required, the agreed upon purchase price and needed due date is included.

When the purchase order is received, part numbers are set up and the drawing package begins. The drawing package contains an assembly and piece part drawings. The assembly drawing contains the necessary views, bill of material, and required notes to thoroughly inform the end users. The individual parts in the assembly are ballooned with the corresponding item number in the bill of material. Individual part drawings provide all the dimensions and information needed to manufacture each part.

The raw material, part numbers and assembly from the bill of material are put into our Syteline system. The ISO and Supply Chain Requirement forms are completed, then a drawing package review meeting is scheduled for manufacturing. The drawing package is checked and updated. The models and drawings are moved to the completed project folder. Then PDF files are created of the assembly and part drawings are stored in the public drawing folder. DXF files are made of the purchased steel parts and are sent to the supplier, along with a PDF file. The PDF files of the purchased steel parts are attached to their respective part numbers in Syteline.

From here, supply chain is sent the requirements form along with all the quotes. The quotes are all loaded into Syteline. All of the engineering inputs are scanned and placed in the Engineering Planning Form folder. All individuals are then notified that the project is ready to be released to manufacturing. Purchase orders are sent out for the raw materials, steel parts and hardware required. The housing and spool are machined, inspected and cleaned, ready for assembly. The required seals, steel parts and hardware are pulled from their respective enclosed cabinets. The seal is put into either the housing or spool. The spool is then inserted into the housing. The purpose of the end plate is to retain the spool with the housing. The torque and pressure tests are completed in the production test stand. Every hydraulic swivel is tested and all data is saved. The torque arm and port plugs are assembled and the part is ready for paint. Painting will be completed either in-house or outsourced. When painting is outsourced that can add up to two weeks to the delivery time frame. The completed assembly is then packed and sent to shipping ready for delivery to the customer.              

At United Equipment Accessories, we pride ourselves on this process and providing customers with the best customer service and products to fit all of their needs.

If you are looking for a custom hydraulic swivel solution, contact us today to start this process.




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