What Do I Need for a Slip Ring Quote?

Curious what you might need to know to design a slip ring? Let us take you through the request for quote process.
Nathan Leonard
Application Design Engineer

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) provides custom solutions, including custom slip rings, rotary unions, cable reels, and shift controls. UEA offers a variety of uses for our customers to initiate a quote request. Curious what you might need to know to design a slip ring? Let us take you through the request for quote process.

Contact United Equipment Accessories (UEA) with your request in whichever method you are comfortable with. We are available for phone calls, emails, and our website. Our contact form allows you to fill out a short form with your name, email, phone number, and an overview of your slip ring project. The contact form is an excellent place to start, and a UEA representative will contact you for additional details regarding your application.

Information to consider for the quoting process.

  • What is your application?
  • What is the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the application?
  • What environment is it going to be in? Are there seal requirements for your application?
  • Are there any size limitations for your application?
  • What is the bore size required for your application?
  • Will the unit be shaft mounted and require a through bore?
  • How many circuits or contacts are required?
  • What is the amperage and voltage rating required for each circuit?
  • What enclosure type is best for your application?
  • Would you like the unit provided with a center wiring harness and/or a brush side wiring harness?

Are you unclear on some of the requested information? No problem. Contact us, and we can discuss your application and provide recommendations for which product is best for you.


Do you currently have an existing slip ring but have a new application that has different requirements?

For example, your new application needs are the same as your existing slip ring but requires six more power contacts.

Your existing part number will provide all the original project information. By referencing the existing part number, we can speed up the quoting process and potential lead time for your unit.

  • What is the existing part number of your slip ring?
  • What changes are required? Add circuit? Remove circuits? New mounting flange? New seal rating?

Again, if you aren’t sure how to answer any of these questions, no problem! Our engineering, sales, and customer service team can help identify the best solution for your slip ring application! Contact us today to start a request for quote!




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