What CNC Machines Does UEA Have?

UEA takes pride in our machine technology, allowing us to build state-of-the-art rotary unions for our customers. Learn more about this technology and how you can join us as a CNC operator.
Daniel Hanawalt
Business Development Manager

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) has invested significantly in machine technology to provide high-quality rotary unions to our customers efficiently. This technology also brings a unique opportunity for CNC operators to add to their skillsets using this advanced equipment. If you’re reading this and looking to start or advance a career as a CNC machinist, look no further than UEA for the following machines and features:

DMG Mori Sprint
DMG Sprint – This compact lathe has live tooling and 3-axis capabilities along with a bar feeder and second spindle.
DMG Mori NLX 4000 – This ultra-modern machine features a CELOS touch screen that gives the machine a user feel similar to a smartphone app.
DMG Mori NT 5400
DMG Mori NT (6600 & 5400’s) – These complete package machines are so capable that they allow for complex parts to be finished with a single set-up.
DMG Mori NVX 7000
DMG Mori NVX 7000 – This vertical mill has a rotary head mounted on the table and is well equipped for machining medium and large parts.

UEA is rapidly expanding our CNC machine department, and additional machines are periodically added. Under consideration for purchase by UEA at the time of this writing is the DMG Mori DMC 100 duoBlock. As the name suggests, this machine is equipped with two turntables for near-constant machining.

UEA’s tool crib is 100% automated. Simply punch in what you want, and the tool spits out. Additionally, Esprit programming software is used alongside Solidworks CAD software to ensure quality design and simulation.

If you’re interested in being part of a growing CNC department with sophisticated equipment and operations, please visit our career page to view available job opportunities.




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