Welcoming Ron Brandon to the UEA Sales Team

Welcome to Ron Brandon as the newest member of UEA’s sales team. Ron will be a local representative for Texas and nearby southern states.
Daniel Hanawalt
Business Development Manager

I am pleased to introduce Ron Brandon as the newest member of UEA’s sales team. Ron will be a great asset to UEA’s customer base, bringing a wealth of knowledge about our Alpha Slip Rings products and being a local representative for Texas and nearby southern states. Before joining the sales team, Ron was with UEA for four years in non-sales roles. I sat down with Ron to learn a little more about him.

What interested you in a sales role at UEA?

I saw a chance to grow a product line and company I believe in while serving in a new and exciting capacity.

What previous roles have you held at UEA?  

I have served UEA in a capacity as an assembler, a lead, and a supervisor. Working in the Texas branch exposed me to addressing multiple roles where I worked with customers and vendors daily.

What is your favorite part of working at UEA?

My favorite part of working at UEA is interacting with highly motivated people willing to tackle various challenges with their best energy.

What is your proudest career moment and why?  

My proudest career moment was successfully making the transition from operations to sales. This is because I was a short-timer on the Texas transition team, whose mission was to hand off my job knowledge to the competent Iowa operations group. Once that mission was over, I intended to move on to the next adventure. Seeing a need and recognizing that I would be a good fit in the organization in that capacity was a short journey of self-discovery and further reinforcement that I have a deep-seated buy-in to UEA, its people, and our customers.

What are you looking forward to in your new position?

I enjoy new challenges and knowledge. As an interface with customers, I look forward to diving into their industries, identifying problems within the scope of our services, and helping them find solutions that ultimately serve to grow our customers and UEA.  

Ron has been jumping in quickly, and we are excited to see him grow in his new role at UEA.

To reach out to one of our sales representatives, check out our local representative page.




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