UEA Pin Swivel: A permanent solution to flexible hose failure

UEA Pin Swivel: A permanent solution to flexible hose failure
Brady Haugo
Hydraulic Engineering Supervisor

Do you have a machine that uses hydraulics?  Does your machine have flexible hoses that bend as the machine makes movements?  Well then listen up!  Stop replacing worn out hoses!

Introducing the UEA pin swivel. This is a new piece of hydraulic hardware that is designed to make YOUR life easier.  The pin swivel replaces the hoses that flex, and eventually break.  This unit will save money for machine owners by eliminating broken and worn-out hoses.    

The Pin Swivel will mount in-line with the loader pin typically found on many pieces of common equipment like skid loaders, back-hoes, excavators, and many other types of machinery.  

The Pin swivel is designed to be compact enough to not take more room than the hoses and hose clamps.

The Pin swivel and its seals will last many times longer than the flexible hoses it replaces.  

Loader pin at center axis of rotation between two members

A multi-circuit pin swivel can greatly reduce the time and maintenance costs associated with groups of hoses bundled together as seen in figure 2.

Figure 2hoses grouped together will abrade

The single circuit Pin swivel has a slim design that has a reduced height to keep things compact.

Single circuit Pin Swivel

The 2 circuit Pin Swivel has a similar slim design.

2Circuit Pin Swivel

The pin swivels can be configured for your application.  Mounting, size and quantity of hoses, pressures, space constraints, all these factors can be customized to your application.  

But wait, there’s more.

These can be retrofitted into existing machines.  Use a supplied drilling fixture to drill and tap two holes for mounting, and these can be used on your current machines.  

Put a stop to worn out, leaky hoses with UEA’s Pin Swivel.  Contact UEA Engineering to find out more.  




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