Spring Cleaning: Keeping Our Standards High

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we pride ourselves on our high standards and exceeding expectations.
Kent Davis
Senior Plant Engineer
New air filter equipment at UEA

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we pride ourselves on our high standards and exceeding expectations.

On a fairly regular basis we have visitors tour our facility here at United Equipment Accessories in Waverly, Iowa. Visitors range from customers, vendors, local students, and educational or business groups to political personalities. A range of lifestyles and backgrounds pass through the aisles of the UEA facility, but a common and frequently heard comment is, “It is so clean here!”

When we have technicians in to service a piece of machinery, they also comment about how they like working on our equipment because the operators keep them so clean. This is a point of pride among all UEA employees, and is evident to most people coming through our door.

After adding several large machines in our hydraulic swivel department we encountered a new “cleaning” issue. The heavy cutting of ductile iron and steel that comes with producing very large custom hydraulic swivels at a rapid pace creates a large amount of steam, mist, and smoke.

These large machining centers were installed with mist collectors, but they have not been fully effective and we still reach a point where there can sometimes be a haze in the air. A noticeable issue, our first concern was asking what the potential health risks were. We conducted a full test to establish what the level and chemical components of this haze were. Although everything came back “within acceptable range”, this wasn’t acceptable in our facility.

To resolve this issue, we have two new additions to our equipment list with a third to possibly be added after a full evaluation period. This new equipment won’t make hydraulic swivels or electrical slip rings.  It won’t even increase the throughput of our machine shop. This new air filter equipment will remove the haze from the air in the machines so as not to detract from the great job our employees here at United Equipment Accessories do at keeping everything IMPECCABLY CLEAN.

As is evident by our investment in these new machines we strive to be the best and assure the best environment for our employees to be happy and healthy to build the best products for our customers.




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