Need an Air Swivel? We’ve Got You Covered!

An end user of several industrial stretch wrapper machines had an existing slip ring assembly that needed additional air passages. UEA designed a custom slip ring based on their needs.
Josh Bockholt
Electrical Engineering Supervisor
pallet wrapper slip ring

An end user of several industrial stretch wrapper machines had an existing 24 and 32-circuit slip ring assembly that needed two additional air passages. The original equipment manufacturer of the current slip ring did not have a solution that satisfied the customer’s needs. At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we design and build custom slip rings based on our customer’s needs. Whether one slip ring or a thousand slip rings, we strive to get a design that works for our customers and their needs.

slip ring

As shown in the design image, the new 24-circuit and 32-circuit electrical slip rings utilize UEA’s 1.50-inch bore assembly slip ring. This slip ring with mounting tube assembly was designed to be mounted upright on top of the industrial stretch wrapper. The slip rings have a variety of circuits ranging from 7.5-Amp signal circuits to 25-Amp power circuits. UEA’s comprehensive circuit options allow for easy adaptability to meet our customer’s specifications. The two-passage air swivel is part of a brass air swivel line that UEA has been manufacturing for decades. UEA offers several options for brass air swivels, including a four-port air swivel that can also be used in this style of slip ring. For customers requiring a single air channel, one of the brass ports can be plugged, or a single channel aluminum air swivel can be used.

The slip ring is in our 1.50-inch bore slip ring series and comprises an aluminum base casting and a spun aluminum cover. On top of the cover, an air swivel retention bracket is added to adapt the air swivel to the slip ring easily.

United Equipment Accessories strives to ensure that each customer gets the features they want for their slip ring assembly! Contact us to design your slip ring solution today!




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