Focusing on Continuous Improvement

United Equipment Accessories has a continuous improvement team that focuses specifically on growing our knowledge base and enhancing our products and processes.
Sue Gallmeyer
Continuous Improvement Engineer
continuous improvement

Seeking knowledge and continuously improving our products and processes are part of our core values at UEA. Going above and beyond in these areas benefits not only our customers but also our staff and the community.  

For this reason, we have a continuous improvement team that focuses specifically on growing our knowledge base and enhancing our products and processes. An expert from each department is part of the continuous improvement team. These members bring ideas for improvements that will ensure we are providing the highest quality products, providing a high level of customer service, and ensuring that we are keeping our costs in check for the customer. This is an ongoing effort that involves regular meetings with the diverse team, who experience the processes each day and can help bring knowledge, experience, and improvement ideas to the table.

Here are five benefits of having a continuous improvement program:

  • Employees become more engaged: Continuous improvement empowers employees to become active participants in solving problems that directly affect them. Employees are shown that their ideas are important, and if their ideas are successful, they can be implemented and benefit the entire company.
  • Lower employee turnover: Having a continuous improvement culture has been found to reduce a company’s turnover rate. When staff feels that what they say matters and they see their ideas being followed through upon, morale is boosted.
  • More competitive products and services: When a company practices continuous improvement by actively looking for ways to improve processes and products, they are increasing the value of their product, both financially and in terms of quality.
  • Better customer service: Continuous improvement aims to eliminate waste. This increases the value of our product to the customer. Providing our customers with a high quality, reasonably priced product is the first step to customer service. This is possible through ensuring our processes are efficiently producing quality components along with innovations for future customer needs.
  • A proactive culture: When continuous improvement becomes part of the company culture, the organization is looking to resolve issues before they happen, instead of waiting until a catastrophe happens to address the issue.

Creating and maintaining a continuous improvement culture is an essential part of UEA’s culture. Continuously challenging ourselves to step out of that comfort zone of “this is how we have always done it” will keep us moving towards the innovation and improvements for high-quality products for our customers.  

Learn more about how UEA has used our continuous improvement process in our slip ring testing process.




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