Driving Continuous Improvement at UEA

At UEA, we pride ourselves on the embodiment of our core values. All employees are challenged to embody the core values daily, but how does that translate to our products?
Nathan Leonard
Application Design Engineer
Slip Ring Test Stand

At United Equipment Accessories (UEA), we pride ourselves on the embodiment of our core values. UEA has four core values: care, hardworking and dedicated, creative problem solver, and knowledge seeker. All employees are challenged to embody the core values daily, but how does that translate to our products?

One of the core values to consider is knowledge seeker. Employees seek knowledge of the products we offer, of the processes that go into the creation of those products, and to have an attention to detail to provide quality products.  The idea of continuously seeking knowledge drives continuous improvements within UEA.

UEA’s R&D team is always testing designs to find areas for improvements. The continuous research and testing optimizes our product’s performance and increases product longevity and reliability. A few of UEA’s more recent R&D projects have targeted new designs and markets for both our slip ring and hydraulic departments, improved brush material for improved brush wear rate, and improved spring pressure for improved brush contact.

UEA has multiple test stands and equipment that can be used to test our slip ring capabilities. By customizing each test, we can focus our results to a specific variable or multiple controlled variables. One such test that we are currently undergoing is for our Alpha Division of slip rings. We are conducting a validation test of brush material at high RPM, and we are also documenting performance of the slip rings. Through these tests, we will be able to validate the product design and determine the limitation of the design so that we can focus resources to improve these areas.

UEA is always considering new continuous improvement projects. Advancements and improvements to designs and materials help grow UEA, but the idea of continuous improvement can present itself in a variety of other aspects too. This includes areas such as growth in manufacturing and assembly, product and processes efficiency, technology, or through cross-training and continuing education. By all employees seeking knowledge, continuous improvements are constantly being reviewed and considered.

All employees are also tasked with having an attention to detail. Attention to detail drives quality at every level. In the early stages of a custom design, attention to detail provides accurate interpretation of the customer’s needs. Attention to detail in the design stage ensures that the customers’ needs are met fully, and those needs are sent to production accurately. Once the product is in production, attention to detail provides accuracy to the design and quality to our customer.

United Equipment Accessories has provided a quality product for years by having living our core values. This has provided opportunities for United Equipment Accessories to improve our products for our customers and stay competitive in the market. At UEA, we exist to solve problems, and we are able to do that through our value of seeking knowledge.




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