Does UEA offer Slip Rings certified for CE, UL, and CSA Standards?

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) engineers and manufactures custom slip rings and can certify slip rings to customers' requirements. Learn more about the CE, UL, and USA certification processes.
Nathan Leonard
Application Design Engineer

United Equipment Accessories (UEA) engineers and manufactures custom slip rings. UEA slip rings are built to UL and CSA standards and are engineered to meet sealing and temperature requirements. Custom slip rings present an issue for UL and CSA certification. The slip rings can be UL and CSA certified; however, this can often be a time-consuming and costly process. Once the unit is UL certified, revisions are limited and must be certified and potentially retested. This process can be costly, especially for a low quantity slip ring.

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A CE certification is often a good option for customers and can be required for product sales in Europe. CE certification is an internal certification process to certify that the product conforms to the standards listed. UEA slip rings are built to the same standards and from the same materials every time, regardless of certification requirements. This final design is tested after production and assembly to the design requirements. Testing commonly includes dimensional checks, full load testing, and duty cycle testing. CE files for slip rings include a complete BOM, material data sheets, declaration of conformity, and technical documents. End user instructions will be needed to complete the technical documents. This will include installation instructions, wiring instructions, and a detailed description of the design operation provided by the customer. UEA engineers can assist with these instructions or provide examples for your reference. These documents are stored in a secure network location and provided with the unit.

After this is complete, one unit is supplied for testing and final CE certification. The tests are not destructive, and the test unit can be used after testing is completed. Extra lead time is required for CE-certified units that must complete this first piece testing.

UEA is happy to assist with customers’ requirements for certifying slip rings. UEA’s quality and engineering teams can help guide customers through the process and provide the necessary expertise to certify customers’ designs.

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